Atari 65 XE / TK-II-Stereo and Ultimate 1MB

Combining some of the most popular Pokey related upgrades for the Atari 8-Bit computer system into a single compact main board, with two choices of satellite connector interface boards.


It Piggy-Backs the existing Pokey chip providing an extra socket for a 2nd Pokey chip to be added thus creating the right channel sound output (4 extra voices), and integrates the Transkey-II PS/2 keyboard adapter to allow virtually any PS/2 keyboard or numeric keypad to be utilized in tandem with the stock Atari keyboard (supports two simultaneous PS/2 devices).


And for all of the Ultimate 1Meg owners, you’ll be glad to know that the stereo/ono U1MB electronic switching has already been built-in…



Retrospection Logo Landscape

1 thought on “Atari TK-II-Stereo and Ultimate 1MB”

  1. Thank You Mr Piotr for Your doing an outstanding job on my mashine!
    For all those in doubt – Yes, the photos on this page really do justice to the actual state of my computer. It came out beautiful.
    Not only did Mr Piotr tackle the job at hand, which was outside His comfort zone – considering His forte is mostly in the Amiga line of computers.
    But He did so with the utmost care and consideration, as is due for a classic piece of mashinery, such as the 8-bit Atari. 😉

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