Amiga 500 Battery ReWork

All Commodore computers or extensions equipped with old-style barrel batteries (system clock) are suspects for a battery leak and corrosion.

This is a process that I did for an A500 plus motherboard. Due to the heavy corrosion shown in the pictures best practice is to clean the board properly using isopropanol and acetone. Then define affected areas remove the remaining corrosion using a scalpel blade and dremel. When all areas are cleaned and decreased use a flux, solder, and “goot wick” to tint it. Secure the working areas with a CW2500 Epoxy.

The last step is to install a new modern battery holder (they come in various sizes and designs) and a battery itself. If you have other ideas on how to do it please post a comment below.

Thanks 🙂

Battery rework affected areas

Retrospection Logo Landscape

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